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Dr. Geeta is frequently cited as an expert in her field in print, on-air, and at conferences.
Her work spans many different areas of health and healing.

Good Food Festival 2017 with Rick Bayless

The Feed Podcast | March 09, 2017 | Rick Bayless

baylessRick Bayless and Steve talk with Dr. Geeta Maker-Clarke, a board-certified family physician, specializing in Integrative Medicine.


Cooking Up Change in American Medical Schools

WBEZ News | June 2015 | Monica Eng

wbez-cookingThe idea is to learn how to help prevent and control some of our most pervasive chronic health conditions through a course is Culinary Medicine.


What Do Doctors Know About Nutrition?

WBEZ Afternoon Shift | June 2015 | Monica Eng

wbez-dr-nutritionHealth advocates have been pushing for doctors to become better trained in what's called "culinary medicine" for years and some doctors are taking that to heart.


A Doctor and a Chef Cook Something Up for Health

Evanston Round Table | March 25, 2015 | By Anne Bodine

food-as-medicine"Ellen was teaching me some basic cooking skills, and while she was teaching me, we realized I was also teaching her about the health benefits of the ingredients she was using," said Dr. Maker-Clark.

U of C Medical Students Sharpen New Skills

The Friedman Sprout | March 1, 2015 | By Michelle Borges

spoonsA group of medical students at the University of Chicago will soon be starting a Food as Medicine workshop series led by local chefs and its founder Dr. Geeta Maker-Clark, an integrative family physician.

Chewing the Fat Radio Show - Cure for the Cold

WBEZ Worldview | Dec 2014 | Jerome McDonnell

wbez-wv2Dr. Maker- Clark was featured on WBEZ's Worldview podcast with Jerome McDonnell speaking about home remedies and cures for the common cold.


Edible Oils

Women's Health | October 14, 2014 | By Jessica Migala

edible-oilsEnhance Your Heart, Mood and Skin With These 4 Edible Oils

Geeta Maker-Clark, M.D weighs in on these slick picks that just might bump your olive oil to the back of the cupboard.

Chewing the Fat Radio Show - Food as Medicine

WBEZ Chewing the Fat | Oct 2014 | Louisa Chu and Monica Eng

ctfDr. Maker- Clark was featured on WBEZ's food podcast with Monica Eng and Louisa Chu speaking about her use of food as medicine and her latest project in Culinary Medicine.  Starts at minute 32.


Food as Medicine Workshop

Pastoralist | July 2014 | By Ellen King

pastoralistDr. Geeta teams up with chef Ellen King, a fellow food activist and owner of Hewn Bakery, to deliver you a full, healthy menu of delicious foods that fight common ailments.


Garden Chef Series at Botanic Gardens

Live Cooking Event | May 2014 | 28:35 minutes

botanic-gardenDr. Geeta Maker-Clark works along side chef Ellen King demonstrating the healthy benefits of fresh food before a live audience. Watch the video and come to enjoy more foods and spices that taste good and improve health.

Prescription for Eggplant Satay

The Zen of Slow Cooking | March 2014 | By Jane McKay

eggplant-satayGeeta shares her inspiration and insight into a traditional Indian cuisine.  Using classic (and sometimes overlooked) spices, Geeta suggests flavorful dishes that will warm your home, your plate, and your soul.


Taking Small Steps Pays Off

Chicago Tribune | July 11, 2012 | By Andrea L. Brown

small-stepsThe Northwestern study says small changes in behavior can be the spark needed to make significant strides toward improving general health.

Is 'Healthy' Processed Food an Oxymoron?

Mother Nature Network | April 2011 | By: Jill Dolowich

chipsProcessed foods are designed to be quick, easy and capable of staying 'fresh' for a long time. To do so, they are stuffed full of artificial ingredients that are not good for us.

Food Manufacturers Redesign Lunch

Chicago Tribune | Oct 2010 | By Emily Bryson York

lunch-trayWith school in full swing, busy parents are trying to find convenient yet nutritious ways to pack their kids a healthful lunch. That has the attention of food manufacturers.

Kraft Foods, General Mills, Campbell's Soup and ConAgra Foods are some of the companies trying to show that packaged food can deliver on price, convenience, taste and health.