My Philosophy

I feel strongly that the practice of integrative medicine, combining the best of conventional medicine and alternative therapies, putting the doctor patient relationship front and center, utilizing the best options with the least harm.... offers an opportunity for healing, wellness and disease prevention that neither modality can achieve alone.

Geeta Maker-Clark, M.D.

geeta-maker-clark-headshotDr. Maker-Clark has always held the belief that any meaningful healing must involve the mind, body and spirit, and that whenever possible the most natural and least invasive intervention serves the highest good of the person. She has pursued study with traditional healers, midwives, herbalists and energy healers in many countries around the world including Brazil, Belize, India, Venezuela and Cuba and is fluent in Hindi and Spanish.

She is a graduate of the University of Arizona Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, under the supervision and mentorship of Dr. Andrew Weil, and recently travelled with him to Cuba to study the system of natural medicine that has been In place there for many years.

She is a certified prenatal yoga instructor, and a practicing yogini for the last 20 years.

Dr. Maker-Clark relies heavily on the use of food as medicine in her approach to healing, as well as herbs, botanicals, breath work, conventional medicines and healing practitioners in the community. She has lectured widely on the use of the anti-inflammatory diet to the medical community and to the public at farmers markets, yoga festivals, community organizations, schools, and through her popular Food as Medicine classes with Chef Ellen King.

She is on the board of several groups including:
  • The Heartwood Women and Cancer program - a local foundation that provides integrative services to low income women with cancer.
  • Food Tank - a think tank that offer solutions and environmentally sustainable ways of alleviating hunger, obesity, and poverty.
  • Health and Medicine Policy Research group – a social justice organization dedicated to health care for all people.

My Story - Living outside of the "box"

At one of my recent workshops,- a yoga, dance and food experience designed to release stress- a woman said to me "I have never met a doctor like you before, you seem!" That comment made me smile. Many of us in medicine are not enjoying it as we once did, or as it is now....a system that rewards intervention and quick visits.

I have managed to navigate a different route, and that has brought me great satisfaction and the reward of helping people find a path to healing.... but it has been a route with many twists and turns.

My parents are from India and moved to Chicago in the 60's when the US was recruiting doctors to come fill the gap. Growing up I was awed by the power that my father, who is a surgeon, had over his patients. It was not a wieldy, controlling power, but rather a gentle and kind trust that he created, and when he took me to the hospital to round with him....I could see it and feel it. That seemed like the right kind of job for me. He showed me that being a doctor is not just a profession, it is a calling and a noble one at that. My earliest thoughts of career were rooted in this concept of the great privilege a physician has to be able to explore and repair another human being.

My mother is an amazing cook, and brought many of our family traditions into home life. When I was sick, it was honey, ginger and turmeric that went into my mouth, though begrudgingly. Dinner was a mix of cooked vegetables and curries and onion, and the house smelled of spice and savory when she was in the kitchen. It took me some time to appreciate these things, but they were a part of my life nonetheless, and became a part of the way that I learned how to heal and think about health.

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